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Friday, July 9, 2010

The First Visit to Zion's Gait

We arranged to visit (I think on Dec. 21).  It was cold and windy.  The horses were all in their winter coats.  We tried Spirit out and it was a done deal.  Down payment and arrangements to complete the deal and pick her up within 2 months.

After that, as I looked at her pedigree and colors, etc. I suddenly remembered to back when I was about 12 or 13.  I lived in a horse fantasy world.  I made up horse names, had make believe horse races and made up my dream horse, a buckskin mare named SunTan.  I made up her pedigree.  She was sired by a gorgeous golden Palomino stallion named SunDial and her dam was a dark bay named Sultana.  I would have put her as black, but I didn't think a buckskin could be produced from a palomino/black combination.  I had no idea of the complexity of horse genetics.
As I looked at Spirit's pedigree, I discovered she was sired by a Palomino stallion out of a Black mare!...which is of course possible, but the percentages are much lower of getting a buckskin out of that combination.

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